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Latest Music Festival Hair Trends

Posted on May 15 2017

1. Hair Glitter

Add a little sparkle to your next festival look with this chunky unicorn cosmetic hair glitter.

Space Buns with Hair Glitter Festival Hair Image

2. Glowing Hair Flowers

Clip these LED flower accessories into your next festival hair look to give it some real flower power!

 Light Up Hair Flower Crown Blue Glow LED EDC Music Festival Hair Trends 2017Light Up Hair Flowers LED EDC Music Festival Hair Trends 2017

3.  Mermaid/Unicorn Hair

Unleash your inner unicorn with this gorgeous look.

Color by Rickey Zito    Style by Jenny Strebe

Unicorn Hair Mermaid Hair Style By Jenny Strebe Festival Hair Trend 2017.jpg

4. Colored Ponytails

Festival Trends Colored Ponytail Hair 2017

5. Blacklight/Glow in the Dark Hair

Be gorgeous by day and mesmerizing by night with this look by Neal Malek

Glow in the Dark Black Light Hair NealMHair Neal Malek Festival Trends 2017

Style by

Color by

6.  The Wave and Braids Combo

Wavy Hair With Braid and Flower Rose Festival Hair Trends 2017

7. Decorative Hair Rings

Music Festival Hair Accessory Hair Rings




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